Yes, Princess is really my name.  I absolutely adore my husband.  I'm a mother to the cutest little ones, and the sweetest 3 legged dog, named Lincoln.   Lover of sweets, traveling and elephants.  

If you're still wondering about my name, here's how I got it. This is what happens when my parents allowed four brothers to name their only and youngest baby sister. Many decades ago in the Philippines, my young mother was told her precious daughter of almost three pounds had a slight chance of surviving and it would be a miracle if she lived. My oldest brother wanted to call me Princess because he knew I would be the last child our mother could have and being the only girl, I would be the "Princess" of the family. Another brother wanted to name me Grace because he said, "if she lives, it'll only be through the Grace of God." My parents loved both names so I became Princess Grace.

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