Welcome to my Travel Art Boutique from around the world. This gallery was originally created in 2013 when my direct family was effected by the devastating natural disaster, Typhoon Haiyan "Yolanda", in the Philippines. We lost so much that day, our uninsured homes, schools, thousands of fellow Filipinos dead, and many families and children, including my own, suffered to find food, water and refuge. There were no words to describe such sadness. Amidst the chaos a wonderful thing happened, humanity and hope magnified, people from around the globe wanted to help. Friends and random strangers were messaging me what they can do to assist my family and the fellow Filipinos.

I created this Online Boutique and all proceeds would go directly to them and other Non Profit Organizations. Much to my surprise, many ordered my work or donated monetarily and I was able to allocate the funds where it was needed. Gratitude beyond words!  Since then, I've continued to donate a percentage of my earnings to  Charity. I can't help but give back when others were willing to give in times of need.  

With that said, thank you for visiting my online gallery and maybe you'll be inclined to purchase one or a few in supporting our commitment to charity. ♥

  • Blooming Europe | Germany

  • Waiting for Spring | Strasbourg, France

  • Imperial Palace | Tokyo, Japan

  • Jagged Ending | Myanmar (Burma)

  • Joy in the Journey | Japan

  • Texas Blue Bonnet | USA

  • "Good Morning Seattle" | Washington, USA

  • Autumn Mt Fuji | Japan

  • "Sydney Night Life" | Australia

  • Cathedral Door | Strasbourg, France

  • Shine Through | Japan

  • Bloom | Japan

  • Banqueting Architect | London

  • Strasbourg Cathedral | France

  • Morning Blessing | Philippines

  • Majestic Gate | London

  • German Market | Heidelberg

  • Plum Blooms | Japan

  • Through the Thousand Torii Gates | Japan

  • Mt Fuji Summit | Japan

  • Blossoming Provo Temple | Utah

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