Hi!  Nice to [virtually] meet you.  So glad you are here and wanting to get to know me more.  Yes,  Princess is  really my name. There really isn't anything I'd rather do than be with my family; behind my camera documenting love and life; and to travel the world and meet new people! I absolutely adore my husband. I'm a mother to the cutest little ones and the sweetest 3 legged doggie, named Lincoln.

If you're still wondering about my name, here's how I got it. This is what happens when  my parents allowed my four brothers to name their only and youngest baby sister.   Many decades ago in the Philippines, my young mother was told her precious daughter of almost three pounds had a slight chance of surviving and it would be a miracle if she lived.  My oldest brother wanted to call me Princess because he knew I would be the last child our mother could have and being the only girl, I would be the "Princess" of the family.  Another brother wanted to name me  Grace because he said, "if she lives, it'll  only be through the  Grace of God."  My parents loved both names so I became Princess Grace.

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I'm obsessed with all mediums of art, but for me, photography is the only way I truly know how to capture the simplicity of life. I founded my wedding and portrait business in 2010, and have since developed my style into something that truly documents life and love in a simple, beautiful, and unique way. I am a natural light photographer documenting the magic of love and family life.  I want my pictures to be treasured memories for the wonderful people and families I'm honored to photograph. 

I am based in Bangkok, Thailand; Houston, Texas; & Philippines.  I'd love to capture your life's precious moments, contact me and let's chat about your destination wedding or a location of your choice.

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Have you ever compared the things you lack with another's abundance? We all do it at some point in our lives, and I'm guilty of it too. The Summer of 2000 forever changed me. I was at a friend's house and I was drawn to the beautiful family photos artistically hung on her wall. I realize then what I lacked in my own home. I didn't have any newborn portraits of myself, no embarrassing images for my mom to show my friends (thank goodness), or a single snapshot where my father, mother, and siblings were all together. That summer gave me the determination to write my own personal history through photography and consistent journal entries.

The lack of childhood photos is the root of my Love & Obsession with Photography. Since I grew up in a humble home, my family and I couldn't afford cameras or conveniences like that. I would save up my pennies to buy disposable film cameras here and there to take pictures, but was really limited as to what to photograph since I only had around 27 frames per roll.

In college, an amazing large format photographer and fellow university friend asked me to model for her art and photography capstone project. It was then that I fell in love with her work, her vision, and I was totally head over heels about photography. I still couldn't afford a camera with barely getting by as a poor college student, but I remember researching about photography and loving it. Since I didn't know where to begin and I had my college major to worry about, I gave up. Yup, I gave up! It just wasn't the right time for me.

Many years later in 2008, after I had graduated from Brigham Young University, a family member was selling an old digital camera. I saved my pennies again and bought the camera. It was a Nikon D80 with a 35 mm prime lens. I was so clueless. I remember thinking “this camera is broken,” since it wouldn't zoom in or out. (fyi: prime lens, whose focus length is fixed and do not zoom in or out.) With camera in hand I began school at New York Institute of Photography. I consider my greatest schooling to be the personal experience I've received working with photographic colleagues. I owe a great debt of gratitude to other amazing photographers who have willingly shared their knowledge with me.

I learned that failure is not always a mistake and the real tragedy is when we stop trying. Every day there is something new to learn and there will always be room for improvements.

Then in 2010, I knew I was ready. I dreamed big, took a risk, opened my heart to the world, and began my slow journey as a wedding and portrait photographer. My goal, then and now, is to be an artist that documents life and love in a simple, beautiful, real, and unique way.  

I've traveled to some of the most remote, stunning, inspiring, and amazing places in the world… all in the name of photography. It has truly been a wonderful journey to create a better me, a better photographer, and a better documentary artist. And the thing is, we are all a walking progress.  Work hard, be kind, and stay humble, y'all.  

P.S. I am grateful you stopped by!

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